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ISO 5 Cleanroom Gowning
ISO 5 Cleanroom Gowning

Cleanroom Construction Protocol

Cleanroom Protocols are typically divided into 5 Levels, 4 during the Construction Phase, and an Operational Protocol.

Level 1 – The Building is Enclosed

Level 2 – The Cleanroom Perimiter is Enclosed

Level 3 – Cleanroom Floors / Walls / Ceilings Installed

Level 4 – HEPA / ULPA Filtration Installed

Level 5 – Certification / Owner Occupied

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Summary information is available in PDF Format:

ESC Cleanroom Protocol Levels

Cleanroom Gowning

Cleanroom Gowning is a decision based upon the Class of the Cleanroom

As part of our Cleanroom Projects we work with our clients to customize a protocol program for your unique requirements.

Review our PDF Guide for:

Recommended Cleanroom Garment Use

We also provide recommendations on Gowning Procedures, and provide customized programs for the facility, similar to the ISO 8 Gowning PDF.

Cleanroom Gowning Procedures ISO 8

These are modified for the changes required for more critical Cleanrooms

Cleanroom Garments
Cleanroom Garments

 Cleaning Supplies
Cleaning Supplies

Protocol Training & Cleaning

ESC offers training and assistance in the Protocols to be followed in Cleaning your Cleanroom.

Download our PDF on Cleanroom Cleaning

These programs are customized for each facility


Safety is a very important consideration not only during construction, as well as the ongoing operations after construction.

We shall provide the necessary supervision and procedures to ensure a safe and compliant workplace, throughout the construction phase of the project.

At ESC we are very proud of our record of “No Lost Time Injuries” Since 1983.

We have been active at the WSIB – ORAC – HRAC – Safety Groups Program since its inception.

Ongoing Safety is the result of a conscious effort, planning and forethought, and attention to possible near miss occurrences.


Safety Training
Safety Training

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