Critical Environments Case Studies

Compounding Pharmacy

The Air Handling Unit is designed to provide the primary airflow through Terminal Ducted HEPA Filters.

The Airstream is split to provide a Cooling and Outside Pressurization Air Mixed Air Stream, and a Re-circulated Airstream for Humidification. The AHU has Primary 30% Filtration, and Final 95% Filtration to lengthen the life of the HEPA Filters.

The Air Cooled Condensing Unit, controls the DX Cooling System providing the cooling and dehumidification required   View Site >

Services Provided

  • DX Cooling System with Electronic Expansion Valves and Electronic Hot Gas Valves

Therapure Biopharma – 2011 Pilot Suites

The Air Handling Units were designed to sit on a mechanical platform above the Cleanrooms. Designed to utilize the facility chilled water and provide

Services Provided

  • System interfaces with Siemens Building Automation System

Bracco Packaging Cleanroom – Hattiesburg Mississippi

The Air Handling Unit was designed to bring in pressurization / fresh air through a separate air stream allowing energy efficient latent cooling dehumidification.

The re-circulated sensible cooling system cools the re-circulated airstream. The ISO 7 Conditions in the Cleanroom are maintained by 30% / 95% & 99.99% HEPA Filtration.

The Air Cooled Two Circuit Condensing Unit utilizes Digital Scroll Technology on the Recirculating System for Optimum Energy Efficiency, and Scroll Technology on the Outside Air, with Electronic TX Valves and Electronic Hot Gas Valves for Close Tolerance Control.

Services Provided

  • Design to Validation

NRC – National Institute for Nanotechnology – University of Alberta

The Air Handling System is required to provide +/- 0.1oC Control, and Humidity control +/- 0.5%, into 4 control zones. If you need close tolerance control contact ESC to learn how we achieve these conditions.

Services Provided

  • Design of Critical Environment System to provide Temperature Control @ +/- 0.1oC
  • TEK-AIR AV3000 Control Valves for Supply Air – Return Air & Pressurization Air

Sunnybrook Health Sciences – DDL & cGMP Cleanrooms

Design of Air Handling Systems, initially to be installed above Cleanrooms on 8th Floor of the M Wing at Sunnybrook Health Sciences.

After manufacture they were required to be modified to be installed on the Mechanical Room on the 9th Floor.

The systems use facility Chilled Water as first stage cooling, and DX Cooling as a second stage to allow summer dehumidification and additional cooling.

Services Provided

  • System uses Johnson METASYS Control System
  • Rigging and Site Installation

McMaster University – Nuclear Research Building Cleanroom

The system was designed to sit within the Cleanroom Change Room and provide 1st Stage Cooling from the campus chilled water system, with the second stage a DX Cooling System, utilizing the chilled water from the first stage cooling coil, and then the condenser water is utilized for reheat before returning to the chilled water system.

Services Provided

  • Interfaces with Teletrol Building Automation System

Gallant Custom Laboratories – Cleanroom & BSL2

Two Air Handling Units with DX Cooling Systems one for the Cleanroom, and One for the Biological Safety Containment, Level 2 Enhanced.

The units were manufactured to install above the New Incubators to provide a close coupled duct system, and reduced space requirements

Services Provided

  • System Designed with HEPA Supply and Return Air Filters
  • Carel Control System

McMaster University – ETB Nano Cleanroom

The Challenges on this project was to build a unit that could be shipped in sections to allow it to be delivered inside the existing elevator.

The system utilizes the campus Chilled Water; however this will not allow the required dehumidification in summer conditions.

The system has a second stage DX Cooling system, which will dehumidify and reheat with the condensing water, which is then returned to the chilled water system.

Services Provided

  • Design to allow delivery up the existing elevator
  • Integration with Teletrol Building Automation System

BioVectra – Fermentation Suite BSL

The Air Handling Unit was designed to hang in the ceiling above the Cleanroom.

The unit utilizes the building Chilled Glycol, and Hot Water for the Heating and Cooling Required.

The Direct Drive Fans provide the static pressure required for the HEPA Filtration on the Supply and Return HEPA Filters that were located at the Room Walls low for return and at the Ceiling for the supply air

Services Provided

  • Electrical Designed to allow connection to the existing Allen Bradley Controllers

Pharmaceutical – Sample Testing Room

The Air Handling Unit is in a Warehouse to provide Cooling, Heating, Humidity & Dehumidification to a Sample Testing Room, which uses a dust extraction system while sample testing, and increases the pressurization air to compensate for the exhaust.

Services Provided

  • Carel Control System integrated to Dust Extraction System

Abbott Point of Care – Walk In Cooler System

The requirement is to maintain the Walk In cooler with 6 Zones, to be maintained at ISO 8 Cleanroom requirements, and temperature below 8oC, and the Humidity below 20%.

The Air Handling unit was constructed with a Heat Pipe Heat Recovery for the Desiccant Dehumidification Wheel.

The AHU has a Direct Expansion Cooling Unit, which uses building cooling tower water for the condenser. To prevent failure in case of cooling tower failure the system has an air-cooled condenser as a second stage.

Services Provided

  • Carel Control System integrated with Yokogawa CFR21 Part 11 Control System

Therapure BioPharma Inc. – 2008 Pilot Suites

The units were constructed to be roof mounted, and provide individual unit control for each of the three Pilot Suites.

The units each contain direct drive fan technology, cooling, heating humidification and dehumidification as well as the ability to add pressurization air.

The air-cooled compressor systems use Copeland Digital Modulating Scroll Technology for Energy Efficiency and Capacity Control.

Services Provided

  • Carel Control System integrated with Yokogawa CFR21 Part 11 Control System

Environment Canada – ERMD Test Cell 3 Upgrade

The new Make Up Air Unit to provide the wide range of Temperature and Humidity Conditions required by the Environmental Test Cell at the River Road, Ottawa Facility.

The unit was designed to utilize the existing air cooled condensing units, and provides filtration, cooling, heating and desiccant wheel dehumidification capabilities.

Services Provided

  • The system was designed as a Roof Mounted Package to reduce on site installation time and labour

MMRC Thunder Bay – Make Up Air

To provide the cooling and make Up Air Requirements for the Cleanroom located in the basement.

The Make Up Air unit was designed to utilize the one large breaker remaining, so the MUA was designed to be the splitter location for the roof Mounted Trenton Air Cooled Condensing Units, and the High Plume Exhaust Fans.

Services Provided

  • Carel Control System integration to existing facility control system through LON Works Interface

Natrix Separations – Make Up Air Systems

Make Up Air / Air Handling Systems were manufactured to allow ease of removal, when the need for expansion or relocation occurs.

Services Provided

  • Carel Control System integration to new TEK-AIR Fume Hood Exhaust VAV Control System

Natrix Separations – Chiller In A Box

Design of a Chiller in a Box to allow relocation of the facility when required. The Summer Load allows 12 Stages of Cooling with Bitzer Compressors. Roof Mounted Trenton Air Cooled Condensers 5 Ton Air Cooled Chiller for the winter process load.  View Site >

Services Provided

  • Carel Control System

UVic SEOS Trace Metals Lab

One Make Up Air Unit, to provide conditioned air that included 30% Pre-filtration, Carbon Filtration to remove airborne Mercury, Chilled Water Cooling.

Three independent temperature zones, which provided cascading pressure in the three control zones,

Redundant fan operation to maintain zone cascading pressure on a fan failure

Services Provided

  • Integration to existing Facility Reliable Control System
  • System designed to fit in limited roof footprint

University of Toronto – Physics Room 025

Temperature & Humidity Control, with a low decibel solution

Lake Superior Centre for Regenerative Medicine

The Air Handling unit was constructed to fit in the ceiling space of an adjacent room. The unit supplies the cooling and humidification required. The primary airflow for the ISO 4 Cleanroom is provided by 100% ceiling coverage of ECM Room Side Replaceable HEPA Fan Filter Modules.

HEMOSOL (Therapure BioPharma Inc) Aseptic Fill Suite

The system consists of a 6,000 CFM Air Handling Unit to provide the Pressurization Air, and Temperature & Humidity control, feeding three-pressurization air handling units that provide airflow through the HEPA Filters for each zone

Universite de Moncton

To build a system that would provide XX CFM of Make Up Air from the 3rd Floor Roof, and an Air Handling System to provide the cooling requirement and humidity levels below 30%

Services Provided

  • Design of AHU and MUA to control two zones
  • Walker Controls Connect 2000 Control and Automation System

iFIRE Technology – Process Cleanrooms

The requirement is to keep the manufacturing Cleanrooms at 66oF and less than 8% Relative Humidity with 24,000 CFM of Make Up Air

Services Provided

  • ALUMA1 Cleanroom Wall System
  • Custom Manufactured Direct Expansion (DX) Pre-cool & Post Cooling Air Handling Units
  • Bry-Air Desiccant Wheel Drier for Dehumidification

iFIRE Technology – New Labs

The systems were designed to move into a leased space, and provide 8,000 CFM 100% Outside Air at 68oF and less than 35% Humidity. The units were skid mounted to allow their easy removal at the end of the project.

Services Provided

  • Designed – Manufactured – Installed and Commissioned in 8 Weeks

Environment Canada – ERMD Test Cell 4

The requirement was for an Air Handing unit to provide conditioned Make Up Air to Test Cell 4, at the Environment Canada, River Road Facility, Ottawa. The unit supplies Temperature and Humidity Conditions from 120oF to 10oF with the humidity as per the ramp schedule for the test. It includes the requirement for supply air temperatures not to have more than a 2oF excursion from the set point, including during defrost while operating below freezing conditions

Services Provided

  • Redesign of Engineered Specification to provide an operational system

York International – Ottawa Glycol Chiller

The requirement was to design and construct a 15 Ton Glycol Chiller that could not exceed 39″ in height to keep the unit below the top of the Peace Tower in Ottawa. The unit was constructed to go up through the elevator, so that a crane would not be required.

Services Provided

  • Site Survey to review installation conditions
  • Design to Delivery 3 weeks

University of Toronto – Physics Room 023

Split system to control Temperature & Humidity in a Basement Room, with an indoor condensing unit located in a adjacent Sprinkler Room.

Services Provided

  • Design Build & Installation of System
  • Existing Building Chilled Water System can not supply chilled water capable of summer dehumidification. DX Cooling was the only option
  • Walker Controls Connect 2000 Control and Automation System

University of Toronto Room 516A

Temperature Humidity control required for a room on the 5th floor of the McLennan Labs Building. The unit was manufactured to fit in a window opening and provide the temperature and humidity control for a 30kW process heat load in the room, and a control sequence to control the room at a 16oC to 21oC +/- .5oC on a ramping basis.

Services Provided

  • Design & Construction of Custom Unit
  • DX Air Cooled was the only option, as the building had no additional chilled water
  • Walker Controls Connect 2000 Control and Automation System

Raytheon ELCAN – Custom Chiller

Process Chiller System, complete with Carlyle Compressors to match existing building systems, and integrated Johnson Controls METASYS UNT Control System

Services Provided

  • Custom Manufactured Chiller to fit limited space in basement mechanical room
  • Factory Mounted Johnson METASYS UNT Controller to match the existing building system
  • Compressors selected to match existing Carrier Chiller which the facility already had a spare compressor in inventory
  • Independent refrigeration and electrical circuits for uptime during service & maintenance

Volex Inc.

Cleanroom Air Handling Unit, that provides 30% & 95% Filtration, Humidification & Direct Drive Fans for Primary Airflow. Air Conditioning / Heating is provided by a Lennox L Series Rooftop sized for the cooling load

Services Provided

  • Custom Manufactured AHU
  • Air Atomizing Cool Fog Humidifier
  • AHU provides Recirculated Air, with Humidification & 95% Filtration
  • Cooling provided by Lennox L Series High Efficiency Package Roof Top Unit

Resonance Photonics

Air Handling Unit to provide Primary DX Cooling, Heating, Air Atomizing Humidification & DX Cooling Dehumidification & Refrigeration Hot Gas Reheat

Services Provided

  • System Design
  • Cool Fog Humidifier
  • Johnson Controls METASYS Control System