The Benefits of a Turnkey Critical Environment Design & Build Company with a ‘Team of Teams’ approach

This may be counterintuitive to what people in the pharma sector are used to hearing, but it is possible to source a single company to provide turnkey solutions to design and build your entire cleanroom facility, without sacrificing quality or expertise.

Turnkey solutions are an interesting concept that people in this industry may not be familiar with. They’re not used to being able to source a full-package solution that includes the walls, the air handling, the equipment requirements, as well as the controls and integration.

You can choose one company to give you all of that, and here’s why you probably should.

Hire a ‘Team of Teams’

When we built our team at ESC, we wanted to build a “Team of Teams” that could give our clients access to more; more specialists and more solutions. So we built a roster full of people from different backgrounds.

ESC, as a company, started as an HVAC refrigeration company doing service work and branched into installing/ contracting work and supplying equipment. That gives us a background in service supplying and the installation of equipment.

Next, we added the cleanroom and process experts. We have end users that have worked in different industries (like myself). We have experts from pharmaceutical and cosmetics, people from aerospace industries, and people from machine parts/ assembly-type industries.

Now, we can look at a client’s process and have a pretty good understanding of what they’re going to need and how it’s going to work. We’re not just “spec-ing it” with equipment and supplying it. We look at the full life cycle.

A Team of Partners

Our Team of Teams also has partners that we can work with, depending on the project’s needs.

We can bring in a structural partner if there’s structural work to be done. Or, we can bring in a carpentry architect. Or, we can bring in mechanical and electrical contractors that also have engineers on staff. At the same time, we can also do a full engineered stamp drawing package.

Or, if a client has a preferred mechanical contractor that they like to work with, we can partner with them and add our specialties to the table. The client is still working with their trusted contractor while adding a new depth of skills and expertise. Win-Win!

Enhanced Conceptual Design

We also have a process that we call Enhanced Conceptual Design (ECD).

The ECD is a little bit different than working with a traditional architectural engineering firm where:

  1. You would start with either an architect or a process engineer to spec things out, typically an architect which would spec out the building facility.
  2. Then you would bring the process person in and figure out how to fit the process into that facility.
  3. Next, you would start the conceptual design, basic design and get into some more detailed design so that you can get to a big tender package.
  4. That package then goes out for tender and all the contractors bid on it.
  5. Budgets come back and the client figures out that, “Oh, this is really expensive.”
  6. They have to take several pieces out, which are often pieces that they really wanted.
  7. That process iterates and repeats a few times before you get to actually building it.

This process takes a long time and it can be incredibly frustrating. Another massive issue is that, usually, the winner is the lowest bidder. And too often, they win it because they forgot something/ missed something when preparing their bid.

This means they spend the whole project trying to claw back the dollars that they’ve missed earlier.

A Different Process

With ECD, we immediately start a project with a better understanding of what any given client’s needs will be. That’s where having people with diverse backgrounds will make a huge difference.
We bring in our Team of Teams (depending on what’s needed) and we come up with a conceptual design very quickly.

Also, our solutions are usually more cost-effective and more efficient because we’ve got the people that are actually going to be building it. This also means that we can get to a fixed budget price very quickly. Basically, if your scope doesn’t change, our price isn’t going to change.

See What Our Team of Teams Can Do For You

Environmental Systems Corporation designs critical environments and builds cleanrooms to ISO 14644 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 with strict requirements for cGMP regulations and compliance.

We’re growing as industry leaders. Canadian Business and Maclean’s today ranked ESC 138# on the annual Growth 500 List!

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