Cleanroom Communications

The cost of Communications, like many devices are typically affected by the use of the word “Cleanroom” in their description.

We believe the distinction should rely on your requirement to control Bio Burden in the Cleanroom.

If your Cleanroom is used in an Electronics or similar environment, then we would question the requirement for a flush faced device that will be required anywhere where Bio Burden would be a concern, typically in Pharmaceutical of Biological Containment.

Using a Telephone or Intercom will depend on your unique requirements.


Telephones can range from a typical office extension, to a “Clean” Phone with hands-free operation.

Visual graphics printed on reverse side of the overlay to prevent particulate shedding and ensuring longevity, and clean ability in areas where Bio Burden is a concern.

Intercom Systems

An intercom is rather like a telephone– it lets two or more people carry on a conversation over a wired circuit. It shares much of the same technology too.

As with a telephone system, there are small intercom systems, with just a handful of “stations”, and there are larger ones with many thousands, in different buildings and even in different countries.

Again they are available in surface mount units, or flush for clean ability