Cleanroom Filtration


Filtration is the heart of Cleanroom Design. Cleanroom cleanliness is achieved by a dilution of the air through High-Efficiency Particulate Air HEPA Filters. Our normal design is less than 600 CFM per 2′ X 4′ Filter

We also consider the activity in the Cleanroom and the adherence to gowning and cleaning protocols.

There are various styles and configurations, including Room Side replaceable, and stainless steel housings.

HEPA Filters can also be installed in an Air Handler. Terminal HEPA Filters are connected by a ductwork to an air handler as a source of air.

HEPA Fan Filter units, are HEPA filters with built-in fans, with speed control, and are available in normal and reverse flow styles, as well as Room Side Replaceable.We recommend that HEPA filtration is preceded upstream by Pre Filtration.We can help you understand the various systems available, and choose the best solution for your project.