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Cleanroom Air Handling Unit
Cleanroom Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Systems

One of the largest sources of energy use in a Cleanroom is the mechanical systems to distribute the air required for dilution. The higher the static pressure of a air moving system, the higher the energy costs to push the air through the system.

On simple Cleanrooms, this can be the Fan Filter Unit (FFU), which combines the HEPA Filter and an integral fan. These are convenient, low cost, readily available, and simple to install. More Information on FFU’s can be found in our Filtration section.

The alternative is an Air Handling Unit (AHU) which would act as the source of air for Terminal HEPA filters.

Air Handling Systems can be simple, just a fan, and a pre filter, or complex, allowing levels of filtration, and various methods of conditioning the air.

For more information on Air Handling Systems visit our section on Custom Systems.

Every Cleanroom should be designed with the comfort and process conditions required for the area as the critical point. System(s) that can meet the required space conditions can be determined based on a cost of ownership for the anticipated life of the Cleanroom, site and budget considerations.

For more information refer to our Critical Environments Section

HEPA ECM Fan Filter Modules
HEPA ECM Fan Filter Modules

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