The Renewed Focus on the Cleanability of Cleanrooms in a Post-COVID World

The average person now needs to wear a mask and disinfect their hands for a routine grocery trip. Some people have grown accustomed to this, while others still struggle.

However, these practices are very familiar and routine for people who spend their workdays in a cleanroom. The global pandemic has given us all an opportunity to re-commit to the cleanliness and cleanability of our controlled environments.

Here are some of the key considerations.

Air Quality

The first thing is maintaining air quality in your facility and focusing on air changes.

The COVID virus is showing us that the amount of air that you have moving through your facility is more important than ever and that a lot of fresh air/ filtered air coming in is crucial.

This means you always need to focus on your HEPA filters and the number of air changes in your room.

Materials of Construction

Every surface needs to be durable and stand up to a vigorous cleaning. We’re looking at higher rates of disinfection, coupled with cleaning agents that are more aggressive.

When you’re cleaning more frequently and more aggressively, you want materials like the ALUMA1 products that are robust and can handle the extra pressure.

Difficult Surfaces and Areas

Of course, we need to focus on the nooks, crannies and crevices where bacteria and other materials can be trapped.

You obviously want to avoid standing water on the ledge of a window or trim. You need to eliminate that so that you don’t have any standing water in crevices and cracks, because this is where bacteria/ viruses can get trapped and grow.

A cleanroom requires smooth and seamless finishes on every single surface possible. Again, the ALUMA1 products are great and give you coved walls and ceilings, which allow for easy cleaning. You don’t have any hard corners that are difficult to get a cleaning wipe or mop into.

Trust a Team of Teams to Design and Build Your Cleanroom

Environmental Systems Corporation designs critical environments and builds cleanrooms to ISO 14644 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 Requirements.

Our projects have been validated to meet GMP, cGMP, FDA, Health Canada & EU standards. We can provide DQ, IQ & OQ documentation and execution and assist with PQ and SOP’s.

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