Nanotechnology Cleanrooms

Nanotechnology Cleanrooms can be considered an Electronics Cleanroom on Steroids.

As the term “Nano” infers, this is the ongoing science to shrink even further the work being performed in these areas.

Generally, nanotechnology works with materials, devices, and other structures with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometres.

While the ISO Cleanroom Classifications may not be more stringent than the cleanest electronics Cleanrooms, other considerations become more important, such as:

Typically the equipment is more sensitive to noise than other Cleanrooms, and Cleanrooms are typically “noisy environments” with weighted dB readings 70 to 80 dB, being common. Nanotechnology requires <65 dB. This requires attention to airflow design, volumes and velocities.

Vibration must be kept to a minimum, which is why you will typically find Nanotechnology hiding in the basement

Temperature / Humidity Control, again during experiments, there can be a requirement for temperature control @ +/- 0.1oC and humidity fluctuations of < 0.5%