Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

Life Sciences or Pharmaceutical or the short form “Pharma”, is used to cover a wide range of applications within the industry that provides us with the tools to live our lives better.

As such the Cleanrooms are not designed to control particles for the damage they will cause by failure such as in Electronics, but as a means of controlling the bacteria, which uses the particles as a host.

Electronics failure in a computer chip, will not typically have a life ending consequence, however in the medicines we use this can be the case.

The closer to injection to our bodies the higher the standards are for control of Microbial Contamination, such as in Injectable Antibiotics, where they are processed and shipped in vials after being filled in a Aseptic Vial Filling manner or directly in Syringes

These Filling areas are under Laminar Flow and 100% HEPA Filtration to insure no contamination is present, which are ISO 4 (Fed Std. 209E Class 10), also known as Grade A.

Pharmaceutical standards can overlap into other related industries such as Nutraceuticals, Biotechnology, and Medical Devices