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Cleanroom Digital Control System
Cleanroom Digital Control System

Facility Management

Facility Management Systems are the brain of the Temperature / Humidity and Air Pressure Systems in your Cleanroom. Inputs from Sensors in the Cleanroom, and in the Air Systems, are analysed by the Controller, and through Control Alogrithms turn ON and OFF Components and provide Modulating signals to maintain the required conditions.

Graphic User Interfaces are common to allow operators ease of navigating system information, Alarm Monitoring and Acknowledgement.

Common options Are:

Trending, to prove compliance to requirements, and may even require compliance to 21 CFR Part 11 for data integrity, in a regulated environment.

Alarm notification in the event of a system not operating to requirements.

Remote Access for quick response alarm conditions.

At ESC we can work with an existing vendor, or provide a complete system. We can help you understand the various systems available, and choose the best solution for your project.

Trend Data
Trend Data

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