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Cleanroom Solutions for ISO 4 to ISO 8 Cleanrooms


Solutions for the control of Temperature / Humidity & Air Volume for Critical Environments

  • Cleanrooms

    We partner with our client teams to provide ISO Class 4 to 8 Cleanrooms for all applications


  • Critical Environments

    Energy Efficient Solutions for the control of Temperature / Humidity & Air Volume for Critical Environments


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    Visit our knowledge hub for information regarding the systems and components required to build no compromise solutions


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    Environmental Systems Corporation Designs and Builds Cleanrooms to ISO 14644 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 Requirements (Formerly US Federal Standard 209E, Class 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 & 100,000). We will use your Request for Proposal (RFP) or User Requirement Specification (URS) or we can assist you in discovering your requirements.

    For Life Sciences Cleanrooms such as Pharmaceutical from Packaging to Sterile & Aseptic Fill Suites, USP 797 Pharmacies, Nutraceutical Production, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Ophthalmic, Regenerative Medicine, and Biological Safety Laboratories, BSL 2, BSL 2 Enhanced & BSL 3,

    Our projects have been validated to meet GMP, cGMP, FDA, Health Canada & EU Standards. We can provide DQ, IQ & OQ documentation and execution and assist with PQ and SOP’s.

    Electronics Cleanrooms from Printed Circuit Boards to Integrated Circuits and Semi Conductor, Aerospace and Nanotechnology are leading requirements for cleaner manufacturing requirements.

    Other Clean room uses are in Automotive from Windshields, Display Panels and Paint, Optical Lens Manufacturing from cameras to satellites, Trace Metals Research, Hospital Operating Rooms and Surgery Suites are changing to include Clean room Technology, as well as Isolation Rooms to prevent the transfer of contagious diseases.

    Our roots as Refrigeration Contractors, gives us the advantage of understanding one of the most important aspects of the Cleanroom, the close tolerance control of temperature, humidity, air changes and Clean room pressures to provide cascading pressure differentials.

    The cost of the air changes through the HEPA or ULPA filtration whether Turbulent or Unidirectional, (Laminar) Airflow are a significant cost in the operation of your clean room.

    Our custom manufacturing of the Air Handling Systems for Critical Environments allows us to provide all of the critical components essential to the success of your Cleanroom or other project requiring close tolerance temperature, humidity and air flow control.

    Ask us how we can reduce your total cost of ownership using leading technologies and concepts.

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