The PVT-2000 is a precision airflow control valve consisting of a Vortek VT-2000 airflow measuring device mounted in the inlet of a PRD airflow control valve. A factory-installed current-to-pressure (I/P at 4-20 ma) or voltage-to-pressure (E/P at 2-10 vdc) transducer takes an electronic control signal from any airflow controller to modulate the PRD.

The Vortek transmitter provides a 4-20 ma, 1-5 vdc or 2-10 vdc output to the airflow controller. The use of these industry standard signals allow use with most airflow and temperature controllers presently on the market. A 24 vac or dc power source is required for the Vortek transmitter. Both the I/P and E/P are loop-powered, two-wire connection. Both the I/P and E/P require 20 psi clean, dry instrument air supply to operate.