TF: 1.844.ESC(372).8877


Designed solely for use with Tek-Air’s SmartLab Control System, the LIM-2000 provides a communications port into a SmartLab network.  The design of the LIM-2000 incorporates a true communications signal repeater. There are two ports to the repeater.  The signal is isolated, and then boosted in strength from one side to the other in a bi-directional fashion.  The main trunk connects all LIMs to one another and to the front end computer.  Due to the isolation provided by each LIM to its respective lab, if there is a failure in the lab network, the main network remains unaffected.  Conversely, if there is a failure in the main network, the lab remains unaffected.


The LIM2000 is provided in each lab in the SmartLab network and provides a point to configure the lab controls. The LIM2000 also acts as a repeater, allowing isolation of the network trunk. In addition, the LIM2000 houses a temperature sensor that can connect directly to the SmartLab Controller input for measurement of lab temperature.


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