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The AccuValve™ AV3000 airflow control valve is a revolutionary product in which Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was utilized to aid in its design. This resulted in a valve that maximizes turndown while maintaining high accuracy throughout the flow range. The AV3000 is the first truly new design in airflow control valves in decades.

Ultra-Low Pressure Drop Design

Lower System Static Pressure
Option to Downsize Fan Motors
Less Sound (Often eliminates the need for Sound Attenuators)
Significant On-going Operational Savings


Vortex shedding Airflow Measurement

Highly Accurate and Reliable
True Closed-Loop Control
Simply Superior Technology.

Applications – All Types of Critical Spaces

Chemical Labs
Manufacturing Labs
Hospital Surgical Suites and Isolation Rooms
Pharmaceutical Compounding Suites
Retrofit/Replacement of venturi valves for lower pressure drop requirement
Any environment requiring Critical Airflow Control!
Variable (VAV) and Constant Air Volume (CAV)
Supply Air
General Exhaust
Fume Hood Exhaust
Snorkel Exhaust

Use AccuValve’s When:

Accurate Airflow Measurement is required, and you do not have the straight run ductwork required for other methods of airflow measurement.

True closed-loop control is required from a setpoint and actually measuring the airflow to confirm the actual results achieve the setpoint

Energy Efficiency and LEED Consideration are driving system design.

System Static Pressure is an issue

You would like to achieve the additional savings of Demand-Based Static Pressure Reset Control, to meet ASHRAE 90.1. This can only be accomplished by knowing the valve position.


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