TF: 1.844.ESC(372).8877


pGD2 and pGD3 are two terminals with high-tech features, such as the 5.7” touchscreen display with 1⁄4 VGA resolution and the 32-bit microprocessor that manages complex graphic images up to 320×240 pixels in size in up to 256 colours, animated icons, non-proportional fonts in Unicode format, as well as graphs of alarms, temperature values, humidity, pressure, air speed, etc.

The touchscreen function means that the user can easily move around even the most complex layouts, without losing the overall view of the system, and navigate the pages quickly and instinctively. A keypad on the side of the display is always available for applications where the touchscreen is not the preferred solution. pGD2 and pGD3 also offer more demanding manufacturers in the HVAC/R market various customization and differentiation option

CAREL HVAC User Interface pGDO-1

pGD0-1 are the basic models in the pCO sistema family of “terminals”, designed with graphic LCDs so as to offer greater versatility and customisation options, while maintaining a high aesthetic standard.

When designing this backlit terminal, CAREL focused special attention on the simplicity of programming and the quality of performance: the structure of the pGD allows connection to other keypad modules, which are in turn easily customisable, thus enabling the most complete product differentiation, at affordable costs.

The pGD0-1 terminals respectively feature 120×32 pixel and 132×64 pixel graphics management, allowing the display of different sized graphic images and the main international al- phabets such as Greek, Chinese, Cyrillic and the Scandinavian languages.

pGD0 is completely compatible with the software developed for the CAREL 4×20 user interfaces. In fact, this display can be connected directly to any pCO sistema series controller without requiring other software to

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